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'Poets country' first springs to mind at mention of the Lake District, yet the rolling craggy, perilous peaks, and pond-like tarns yield a multitude of adventures and archaic heritage. From Neolithic and indigenous tribes, to bloody clashes afoot Hadrian's Wall; re-enactments, museums and surviving trades have all borne a generation of tourist attractions that give a fascinating insight into Cumbria's past. Cumbria now also represents a very contemporary retreat for the modern 'stay-cation', offering endless possibilities for exploration, excitement and tests of endurance! For a fantastic seleciton of holiday cottages in Cumbria.

View From Grizedale Forest - flckr - andrew_j_wGrizedale Forest, Hawkshead
Encompassing just over 25 km², Grizedale Forest Park is a multi-faceted tourist attraction offering up treetop assault courses, an education centre and splendid vistas from popular vantage point, Carron Crag (314 m.) Despite the infamous twin walking and biking trails of Silurian Way and Ridding Wood; Grizedale's reputation is the marked by a 33-year long art project - to which sculptors David Nash and Andy Goldsworthy have both contributed. Over 90 sculptures are scattered throughout Grizedale Forest, taking the form of lithe, wooden aboriginal men, bathing women and Charles Grey Bray's imposing 'Light Column'. Combining action, adventure, and art with nature - Grizedale Forest has a personality for every intrepid explorer.

Tullie House, Carlisle
Situated directly opposite the majestic Carlisle fortress, Tullie House Museum and Gallery represents the finest dual purpose exhibition centre of it's kind in Cumbria. Displaying a fascinating gallery of archaeological finds, visitors will be compelled to undertake a journey through the ages, commencing at Neolithic settlement, and concluding with a sit down in the 19th Century Railway Gallery. A fast forward from the age of Roman invasion will transport visitors into the realm of bloody battles among Border Reivers and clans, brought to life by the museum's theatrically staged projection show. Art finds it's niche within the Jacobean Old Tullie House, where the works of William James Blacklock and Sam Bough, hang among fine examples of Pre-Raphaelite art and ceramics - the gems of Tullie House heritage.

Sea horse - flckr - Silvain de MunckAquarium of The Lakes, Newby Bridge
The tranquil shores of Lake Windermere set the scene for a truly fascinating underwater experience. Glass tunnels and submerged tanks allow visitors to hop between ages and continents, exploring the native marine species that have evolved. The 'Lake District' hosts both over, and under-lake tunnels, providing a glimpse of wildfowl, local Carp and otters in their natural habitats. 'Asia' and the 'Rainforest' feature a contrast of placid Blind Cave Fish (eyeless), lively, yet ferocious Red Bellied Piranhas and hoards of exotic crustaceans. Grinning marmosets and larger than life amphibians also make for some surprising encounters.

Windermere - flckr - Video4netWindermere Lake Cruises, Lake Windermere
Attracting over 1.5 million visitors every year, Windermere Lake Cruises remains the county's most popular and premier attraction, above even Wordsworth House. The fleet of 19th and early 20th Century steamers have been serving visitors to Windermere for the best part of 100 years, and are still regarded the ONLY way to see the most spectacular scenery the Lake District has to offer.



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