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Surfing at St Ives - flckr - Dave HamsterSurf’s up. We’ve got just the thing for the adrenaline junkies among you: our selection of the top UK surf spots. Proving you don’t have to jet off to distant shores to get the waves, UK surfing holidays will give a new lease of life to your self-catering break.

Llangennith, Gower Peninsula, South Wales
Holidays in Wales aren’t necessarily the first thing that come to mind when you mention surfing, but the principality has some of the UK’s best surf. Down south, in the heart of the beautiful Gower Peninsula Llangennith boasts some of Wales’s best surfing conditions. Surfers rate it as being the most consistent spot for riding the waves in the area; if there’s surf to be had anywhere, it’s Llangennith. With three miles of sandy beach at your disposal, it’s easy to escape the crowds, too. So, get yourself and your board down to one of our Gower cottages and have the ride of your life. Want to surf Wales some more? Then check out Porth Neigwl (Hell’s Mouth) in Gywnedd and Freshwater West in Pembrokeshire as well.

Thurso East, Scotland
A mainstay of the Scotland surf scene, Thurso East has hosted many international competitions. And if it’s good enough for professionals...Tucked away in the north of Scotland, this is one for the more experienced, with swell reaching upwards of 15 feet. Thurso East is a right hand reef break and is popular with the locals, so it’s worth getting up early to catch the waves. Located at the mouth of the River Thurso, it’s overlooked by the remains of Thurso Castle, so you can get in a spot of sight-seeing too! Beginners looking to surf in Scotland could also try Pease Bay in the Borders, which has a good beach break.

Saltburn by the Sea, Cleveland, North East England
The home of surfing in the North East, the Victorian resort of Saltburn is an ideal spot for beginners. The local surf school will get you started, and there are great beginner waves on either side of the old pier. There’s plenty to keep the accomplished surfer happy too - breaks to the south are more powerful and best suited to those used to these North Sea waters. So, if you’ve never experienced a UK surfing holiday before, you could do far worse than Saltburn for the first time you don a wetsuit.

Porthleven, Cornwall
Portleven is the stuff surfers dream of. But be warned, it’s not for the faint-hearted! Known as the ‘beauty and the beast’, Portleven surf produces an incredible, barrelling wave. The reef is accessed off the rocks rather than the beach and you need to be alert for caves at high tide. But when the conditions are right, this is surfing perfection and totally worth it. Portleven is proof that Cornwall cottages aren’t all cream teas, but you’re sure to find time to fit some of them in too. Other Cornish surfing hotspots include Sennen Cove and Watergate Bay.

Croyde Bay, North Devon
Spice up your Devon holidays with a spot of the UK’s finest surf. When it comes to UK surf, Croyde is up there with the big boys. The North Devon coast benefits from the strong Atlantic swells and as a result Croyde surfers can ride some amazing rips. The bay is deal for intermediates, but when the tide comes in there are also more challenging conditions for those that like to push themselves. With hollow, powerful, low tide waves, the bay is a force to be reckoned with. If Croyde doesn’t float your boat, then North Devon cottages are also an ideal base for Woolacombe Bay, another prime location for surfer dudes in the south west.

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