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Engulfed by mile upon mile of rolling rural landscapes, the largely countrified county of Cheshire is a gentle, unassuming place with a moderate pace and a multitude of hidden historic manor houses. Chester, the county's municipal capital and former Roman settlement sits upon the banks of the River Dee, just a few miles from the Welsh border. With a low-lying moorland landscape punctuated by the Mersey and Dee Rivers, the industrial Victorians saw prime opportunity in Cheshire for a number of linked canal systems - easing the burden of goods transportation to the South of England. Built in 1826, the Shropshire Union Canal was the first to connect Birmingham up to Ellsmere Port, and paved the way for an eventual canal 'ring' around Cheshire to connect the flourishing industrial powerhouses of Manchester and Stoke-on-Trent. Today, these waterways have transformed from vital goods trafficking routes, to weekend holiday attractions for all the family - yet that's not all Cheshire has to offer. For fantastic holiday cottages in Cheshire.


Tatton Park - flckr - hilverdTatton Park, Knutsford
A grandiose manor house beset amid 2,000 acres of parkland, Tatton Park is regarded a must-visit upon any Cheshire itinerary. Built in in 1520 by Sir Richard Brereton, Tatton Manor became the country pile for Lord Chancellor of England - Sir Thomas Egerton, in the late 1500's. Egerton is largely attributed with it's present beauty; a combination of neo-classical and Greek revival architecture, as well as the abundance of Gillows furniture and artwork housed within the mansion. Tatton Park's gardens bear some of the finest surviving 18th Century themed gardens, including the Japanese Retreat, Beech Maze and Joseph Paxton Fernery. Nature lovers cannot fail to fall in love with the wilder garden of Tatton, for it is home to a thriving population of Red Deer, Peregrine Falcons and the elusive Daubenton bat species.



Little Moreton Hall - flckr - Haxxah and KraZugLittle Moreton Hall, Congleton
Said to be the finest surviving example of a 15th Century timber manor house in the U.K, Little Moreton is truly a feast of the eyes for any history buff. Clad in the mortar and timber style synonymous with the ambitious Tudors, National Trust owned Little Moreton is one of the oddities, since it is entirely surrounded by a moat! Ornate paneled windows, sweeping halls and a surviving collection of 16th Century artwork all enhance the appeal of Little Moreton as the ultimate 'old' tourist attraction.





Chester Toy Museum, City of Chester
Promoted as being the perfect city stop-off for both the young and young at heart, Chester Toy Museum embarks upon a journey through the ages, with 18th Century porcelain dolls; the largest collection of matchbox cars anywhere in the world and vintage amusement slot machines, from as far back as the 1920's. Hornby and Dinky collectors beware, these collections are guaranteed to put your own to shame!



Shark! - flckr - dullhunkBlue Planet Aquarium, Ellesmere Port
Situated on the South bank of the Manchester Ship Canal, Ellesmere Port is often considered prime location for maritime attractions, owing to the city's affiliation with everything trade and industry. It is also the seat of 'Britain's finest aquarium' according to VAQAS and home to fifty separate sea-life exhibits. By far the most captivating is the 3.8 million litre Caribbean Coral Reef tank; the habitat for over 700 species of shark and fish. An adjacent Aqua Theatre and 70 metre tunnel provides unparalleled viewing opportunities as aquarium divers carry out the daily duties of feeding, cleaning and checking up on breeding species, such as the Lemon Sharks and 10 foot Sand Tigers. A rock pool exhibit gives kids the opportunity to get up close and personal with a variegated array of crustaceans, amphibians and water-critters, as well as teaching valuable lessons about the benefits of conservation.



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