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Dorset, a county of coastline and countryside. Whether you're bedding down in one of the many cottages in Dorset for a week of sun, sea and surf, or pulling on your walking boots, be sure to try some of the local specialities. holidays in Dorest have never been so tasty...

Super soup
Dorset's fertile soils mean vegetables play a key role in the county's cuisine. Dip a hunk of freshly-baked bread into a bowl of lettuce soup - a lot more flavoursome than it sounds! Similar to asparagus soup, it's a traditional Dorset delicacy. Not just for dieters, cabbage soup is also on the menu - in fact, Dorset was the first county to grow cabbages in England. Or for something a little different, give almond soup a whirl.

Something fishy
A long stretch of coastline ensures a steady supply of fish for the plates of Dorset. Local restaurants dish up haddock casserole and mackerel baked in cider. Or tuck into red mullet with melted butter, lemon juice and herbs. Why not take a cool box, head to one of the quay-side stalls, stock up on turbot, sea bream, crabs and scallops, and create a delicious seafood stew in the kitchen of one of our Dorset holiday cottages?

Love me tender
If you like a bit of lamb, you'll love the Dorset Horn. Incredibly tender, the meat from these woolly chaps will melt in your mouth. If you're looking to use up leftovers, then Dorset Lamb Crumble is an easy recipe to whip up in the kitchen on your UK holidays. Or try a tasty Long Puddle Lamb casserole.

Holy cow!
If you tire of lamb, try a spot of beef while holidaying in one of our Dorset cottages. As well as great for walking, the county's lush pastures are ideal for beef cattle. A traditional way of cooking beef in the county is Dorset Jugged Steak, which, back in the day, was made in advance when the fair came to town. Or try the curiously named Beef Olives, which are actually stuffing wrapped in slices of steak. Pork also features in Dorset's traditional cuisine, including the Dorset Sausage meat loaf - great for slicing and packing in your picnic hamper on a day out.

Ripe for the picking
Want to get fresh and fruity on your UK holidays in Dorset? Luckily for you, the county is a major grower of blueberries. Sinfully delicious, you'll find them in muffins, cheesecakes and ice-cream throughout the county. Or for something more saintly, enjoy them in a fresh fruit salad.

You can't holiday in Dorset without enjoying a slice of Dorset Apple Cake. There are many variations on the recipe, but they all have one thing in common - they're delicious! Gooseberries are another favourite, baked into Blandford Pudding.

Baked to perfection
Those partial to afternoon tea are in for a treat on holiday in Dorset. Lovebirds renting cottages in Dorset should peck at the traditional Sweetheart Cake, while Dorset's cream teas are up there with those of Devon and Cornwall. Clotted cream comes courtesy of the cows grazing in the fields of green, while strawberry jam is plentiful thanks to the rows of fruit grown in the county.

Savour the flavour
Not got a sweet tooth? Fear not, Dorset also has something for you. Dorset Blue Vinny is a firm, white cheese that would round of a meal of Dorset fare perfectly. Team it with some Dorset Knobs, crispy, roll-shaped biscuits that are also great dipped in soup or simply spread with butter.

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