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Castles in Wales

Monday, 24th September 2012

Often referred to as the 'Land of Castles', Wales ranks up there with the likes of Bulgaria and Austria for the highest concentration of castles in Europe. Including the ruinous forts, sunken mottes and vanished strongholds; it is believed there were once over 400 castles in Wales. Of the 170 catalogued castles still standing, only about a hundred remain intact enough to be able to walk around, and absorb the mythical, medieval heritage that has shaped this small isle.


Conwy Castle, Aberconwy and Colwyn, North Wales
Rising majestically from the hills...


Wiltshire Traditional Foods

Wednesday, 19th September 2012



The cityscape of modern Swindon differs little from that of a century ago, save for the absence of drovers herding cattle to the huge central market. Wiltshire's largest borough town was, in its heyday, a bustling market  town best known for the proliferation of cured meats, pork belly and sausage varieties on offer. In fact, the town's very name is said to derive from 'Swine-toun', the land upon which pigs have grazed for nearly 1,000 years. Surrounded by oak forests and low moorland, Swindon's environs provided locally farmed swine ... Read More ->


Traditional foods of Somerset

Wednesday, 21st September 2011


The West Country is a mecca for lovers of local produce, and Somerset is no exception. From cheeses to chops, if you're staying in one of our Somerset cottages on your UK holidays, there's bound to be something to tickle your tastebuds!

Be sure to make a visit to the city of Bath Spa while on holiday in Somerset. Relax in the natural spring waters of the new spa complex and then fuel up on local goodies. Perhaps  you'll plump for a Bath Bun, ... Read More ->


Gardens in Scotland

Friday, 16th September 2011

Flora and fauna may flourish in abundance out on the wild highlands of Scotland, yet the manicured botanical gardens found within her bustling cities, and the picturesque parks of quaint seaside towns combine two aspects of Scottish culture in perfect harmony. Art and nature. We take inspiration from both, to create areas of exquisite beauty for serenity, peace and rejuvenation, and many of Scotland's own such gardens could arguably rival those at fashionable Kew, London, or Monet's in the North of France.

St. Andrews Botanic Garden, St. Andrews
Founded by St. Andrews University  in 1889, the botanical gardens originall... Read More ->


Leicestershire traditional foods

Thursday, 15th September 2011

Want a taste of Leicestershire on your UK holidays? It's great to sample local delicacies when you're away from home, and the UK is no exception. Whether you're taking a break in one of our Leicestershire cottages, or just enjoying your UK holidays nearby, tuck into one of these tasty treats...

Who ate all the pies?

You'll need something to go with all that cheese, and Leicestershire has just the answer: a good old pork pie. A Melton Mowbray pork pie, to be precise. A protected species, only pies made within a designated area in and around the L... Read More ->


Staffordshire Tourist Attractions

Monday, 12th September 2011

Steeped in the history of a bygone industrial era, the North Midlands 'Shire' is one of England's finest counties of contrast.  The industrial power-house cities that have made their mark on British economic history, have not shrunken from the decline of industries such as coal - Stoke now considered one of the most contemporary and culturally influential cities in the U.K. Staffordshire is best known for it's affiliation with pottery and fine china production - revered names such as Spode, are still manufactured today.

Conversely, Staffordshire's remarkably beautiful rural personality yields a plethora of intriguing attractions, both old and new. Theme parks such as Alton Towers and Drayton Manor offer families excitement, freedom and adventure within the grounds of stunning Gothic manor ruins, while National Trust owned Toothill Wood sets the sc...


Unusual UK Sports - updated

Tuesday, 6th September 2011

Fed up with football? Tired of tennis? Think snooker sucks? Discover something a little different on your UK holidays. We Brits have a bit of a reputation for having a stiff upper lip, but read on and you'll find nothing could be further than the truth...


World Gravy Wrestling Championships
An annual charity event held at the Rose 'n Bowl pub in the heart of the Lancashire village of Stacksteads, This very popular and interesting sport combines the art (loosely based as no experience required) and good Lancashire gravy. This wonderfully messy sport is open to men and women, competing in their own separate categories. The rules are simple, all the contestants have to do is defeat their opponents in a 2 minute... Read More ->


Best Beaches in Scotland

Monday, 5th September 2011

Ringed by 8,137 miles (13,118 km) of contrasting coastline, Scotland hides many a cove and turquoise bay with powder soft sands to rival the Caribbean. Islands such as the Hebrides and Shetlands pepper the offshore regions, all hiding their own swathes of unspoilt seaside and wheaten hued sands, while the South West is fringed by flat bleached dunes and rippling marram grasses. Encouragingly, there has been a ten-fold improvement in water quality of the most popular beaches - over 44 awarded the distinction of 'Scotland's Most Recommended' by the Marine Conservation Society in 2007. Now, the only anxiety-inducing decision will be where to pick for your Scottish retreat!



Best Beaches in England

Friday, 2nd September 2011

Think bracing breezes and gunmetal seas are all that the English coastline has to offer? Drag yourself back from the Mediterranean summer daydream, because England too boasts azure waters, caramel sands and hidden coves to rival any Iberian idyll!

Our very own English Riviera combines the palm tree promenades and turquoise surf of tropical standard within Torquay, along with reclusive, quaint towns, set within undulating cliff faces at Brixham. Club 18-30 calibre nightlife can be found down on the seven miles of sandy Bournemouth beach, while ardent nature lovers will find flocks of feathered species at stunning Marsden Bay, South Shields. Best of all, such beauty doesn't just exist off the beaten track!




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